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Dobies - the gardening experts Dobies have received a 5 star rating for Best Flower seeds by Gardening Which? magazine.

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Bumper Daffodil Offer Tulip Value Pack

Fantastic value with this bumper offer of 25kg mixed daffodil bulbs, a great collection of 375 bulbs! This carefully selected mix includes some of our best varieties of daffodils in a range of colours and shapes that will provide you with a superb display this springtime. At under 8p per bulb this is a extraordinary offer – don't miss it, order now! Too many for you? Share with friends and family and save £££s!

Fantastic value - 25Kg Pack
375 bulbs for only £29.95!
Less than 8p per bulb!

375 Bulbs
25 Kg Pack

Tulip Value pack

A great buy – 250 tulips for only £34.95! In packs of individual colours, red, pink and yellow these tulips will provide you with a blaze of colour this spring time. Can't decide which colour to choose take advantage of our superb offer and buy two packs for only £49.95 and save over 28%! If the packs are too big for you then share with your neighbours and brighten up the whole street this spring time!

1 Tulip Value Pack £34.95
Or buy any 2 value packs and save over 28%
500 bulbs for only £49.90!
Save £20.00!

Code: 422769 Red Tulip Value Pack- 250 Bulbs
Code: 422776 Pink Tulip Value Pack - 250 Bulbs
Code: 422780 Yellow Tulip Value Pack - 250 Bulbs

Iris War Chief

Bearded irises are one of the mainstays of the early summer perennial borders. War Chief is an imposing iris with spectacular deep red flowers that have a tiny yellow beard. Standing tall at the back of your perennial borders this stunning iris will bloom long after others have gone!

Early summer perennial
3 plants for only £6.95!

3 Bare Roots
Code: 422740

Poppy Patty's Plum

This striking poppy has rich plum purple flowers that age to a chocolate bronze colour and will provide a dramatic display in your beds and borders. With an eventual height of nearly 3 feet and flowers that can be as wide as 6 inches across, this poppy will be a great showpiece for any garden!

Hugely spectacular
3 plants for only £7.45!

3 Bare Roots
Code: 422748


Iris Abbey's Violet

Abbey's Violet is one of the most outstanding selections of beautiful dwarf iris and the best blue form of Crested Iris. With emerald green leaves, it also boasts masses of delicate violet flowers, each petal having white and orange markings. Originating from the woods of south east America, this charming variety for iris lovers is ideal for borders and looks striking in patio containers too!

For Iris lovers
3 plants for only £7.95!

Buy the autumn perennial collection and get 1 Paeony Angel Cheeks FREE

All the plants we have chosen for you are excellent varieties of herbaceous perennials and will emerge each spring, becoming bigger and more beautiful as the years go by. We recommend that you plant these varieties in groups for an outstanding display! Crested Iris Abbey's Violet, Bearded Iris War Chief, Oriental Poppy Patty's Plum. Buy these 3 and you also will get this beautiful Paeony free!

Buy all 3 perennials & Get 1 Paeony FREE!
Only £21.95!
Save £10.00

10 Bare Roots
Code: 422755

Hebe Blushing Bride

This lovely hebe Blushing Bride will provide colour all year round. Its variegated foliage of green and gold is perfectly complemented by pretty pink and white spikes of flower heads that are an attractive addition to any garden.

1 plant for £6.95
Buy 2 get 1 free - only £13.90!
Last Order Date Midnight 4th September

Code: 422807 - 1 Potted Plant
Code: 422815 - 3 Potted Plants (2+1 Free)
Jumbo Crocus

Larger than the botanical crocus these 'jumbo' crocus will create a generous splash of colour in amongst shrubs, in borders or even patio containers from February through to March. This special mixture contains all of the much loved crocus colours.

Jumbo Size
100 bulbs for only £12.95!
Last Order Date Midnight 4th September

100 Bulbs
Code: 422719
Buy 200 Jumbo Crocus and get 20 Alliums FREE

Buy 200 of these crocus for a great saving and get a pack of 20 Caeruleum (Alliums) Blue Drumstick free! Alliums are always welcome as the flowers offer height and architectural effect in the early summer.

Only £19.95
Save £11.90 & get 20 Alliums FREE!
Last Order Date Midnight 4th September

220 Bulbs
Code: 422725

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Flower Seeds:HP - hardy perreniel, HA hardy annual, hha - half hardy annual

Abutilon, Achillea (Yarrow) HP, Acroclinium HA, Agastache HP, Ageratum (Floss Flower) HHA, Agrostemma (Corn Cockle) HA, Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) HP, Alternanthera, Alyssum HA/HHA, Alyssum HP, Anchusa HA, Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) HHP, Aquilegia (Columbine) HP, Arctotis (African Daisy) HHA, Aster HA/HHA, Aubretia HP, Auricula HP, BABY POTS, Balsam HHA, Bartonia (Blazing Star) HA, Basil Ornamental, Beet (Ornamental) HHA/HB, Begonia HHA, Bellis (Double Daisy) HB, Bergenia HP, Brachyscome HHA, Cabbage Ornamental HA/HHA, Calceolaria GB, Calendula HA, Campanula HP, Candytuft HA, Canterbury Bell HB, Carex HP, Carnation HB or HP, Carnation HHA/HHP, Cat Grass, Celosia HHA, Centaurea Cyanoides HA, Chrysanthemum HHA, Chrysanthemum HP, Cineraria (Foliage Plant) HHP, Cineraria GB, Clarkia HHA, Cobaea HHP, Coleus HHP, Convolvulus HHA, Coreopsis, Cornflower HA, Cosmos (Cosmea) HHA, Cyclamen GP, Cyclamen HHP or HP, Dahlia HHP, Delphinium HP, Dianthus HP, Diascia Barberae HHA, Dicentra (Bleeding Heart) HP, Dierama HP, Digitalis (Foxglove) HB, Dimorphotheca HA, Doronicum HP, Eccremocarpus (Chilean Glory Vine) HHP, Echium HA, Erigeron HP, Erodium HP, Eryngium (Sea Holly) HB/HP, Eschscholzia HA, Freesia HHP, Fuchsia HHA, Gaillardia HP, Gazania HHP, Geranium HHP, Geranium HP, Geum HP, Gloxinia GP, Godetia HA/HHA, Gourds HHA, Gypsophila HA, Helenium, Helianthemum HP, Helichrysum HA/HHA, Heliotrope (Cherry Pie) HHA, Helleborus (Christmas Rose) TP, Heuchera HP, Hibiscus HHA, Hollyhock HP, Honesty (Lunaria) HB, Hypericum HP, Hyssopus HP, Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) HHA, Ipomoea (Morning Glory) HHA, Kochia HHA, Larkspur HA, Lathyrus Latifolius (Everlasting Sweet Pea) HP, Laurentia HHA/HHP, Lavandula (Lavender) HS, Lavatera (Mallow) HA, Lavatera (Mallow) HB/HP, Leycesteria HP, Limnanthes (Poached Egg Flower) HA, Linaria (Toadflax) HA, Linum, Lisianthus GA, Lobelia HHA (Bedding), Lobelia HP or HHP, Lonas, Love-Lies-Bleeding HA, Lupinis (Lupin) HP, Lychnis HP, Lythrum Salicaria HP, Marigolds - African HHA, Marigolds - Afro-French HHA, Marigolds - Dwarf French HHA, Matricaria HHA, Matthiola HHA, Meconopsis (Himalayan Poppy) HP, Mesembryanthemum HHA, Michaelmas Daisy HP, Mignonette HA, Millet Ornamental HHA, Mimulus (Monkey Flower) HA/HHA, Mimulus Cardinalis HP, Mixed Flowers HA, Moluccella (Bells Of Ireland) HA/HHA, Monarda (Bergamot) HP, Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) HB, Nasturtium HA, Nemesia HHA, Nemophila HA, Nepeta Nervosa HP, Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco) HHA, Nigella (Love-In-A-Mist) HA, Nolana HHA, Oenothera HP, Ornamental Grasses HA, Oxalis HA, Pansy HB or HP, Papaver (Poppy) HA/HHA, Papaver (Poppy) HB or HP, Passion Flower HHP, Penstemon HP, Petunia HHA, Phlox Drummondii HHA, Physalis (Chinese Lantern) HP, Physostegia HP, Polyanthus HP, Primrose HP, Primula Candelabra HP, Primula Capitata HP, Primula Obconica GP, Prunella, Pyrethrum (Foliage) HHA, Pyrethrum HP, Rudbeckia (Coneflower) HP, Rudbeckia HHA, Salpiglossis HHA, Salvia Bicolour HP/HHA, Salvia Horminum (Clary) (Foliage), Salvia Splendens HHA, Sarracenia (Hooded Executioner) GP, Scabiosa (Scabious) HHA or HA, Scabiosa (Scabious) HP, Schizanthus (Butterfly Flower) GA/HHA, Sedum Spurium HP, Statice Sinuata 'Everlasting' HHA, Stock HA/HHA, Stock HB, Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) GP, Sunflower HA, Sweet Peas HA & HP, Sweet William HA/HHA, Sweet William HB, Tagetes (Signata Pumila Varieties) HHA, Thunbergia GA, Tropaeolum HA, Verbascum HP, Verbena HHA, Viola HB or HP, Virginian Stock HA, Wahlenbergia HHA, Wallflower HB, Wild Flowers (Annual Mixture) HA, Wild Flowers HP, Zinnia HA/HHA


Vegetable seeds

Alfalfa (Sprouting Salad Seed), Artichoke, Aubergine (Egg Plant), BABY POTS, Beetroot, Borecole or Curly Kale, Broad Beans, Broccoli Sprouting, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Calabrese, Cape Gooseberry, Capsicum (Pepper), Carrots, Cauliflower, Celeriac, Celery, Chicory, Chinese Cabbage, Climbing French Beans, Corn Salad (Lamb's Lettuce), Courgettes, Cress, Cucumber, Dwarf French Beans, Endive, Fennel, Green Manure, Herbs, Kohl Rabi, Leaf Beet (Spinach Beet), Leaf Salad, Leek, Lettuce, Marrow, Melon, MINI VEGETABLES, Okra, Onion Seed (Bulb), Onion Seed (Pickling), Onion Seed (Spring), Pak Choi, Parsley, Parsnip, Pea, Primed Vegetable Seed, Pumpkin, Radicchio, Radish, Rocket, Runner Beans, Spinach, Squash, Strawberry (From Seed), Swede, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Turnip


They also sell fruit trees and bushes as well as grape vines. If you're looking to add some fruit to your garden then this is a great way of buying plants.

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